Happy Fourth of July! Check out this video about how the Declaration of Independence was signed on the Fourth of July long ago! Don’t just stop there! The CRC has many books about the Declaration of Independence, the fourth of July, and even some about fireworks. #fourthofjuly #DeclarationofIndependence #fireworks #bgsucrc


Inch by Inch

It is a great time to learn about measuring with these cute little inch worms. In this kit, you will find transparent inch worms to lay on your worksheet, inch worm rulers, inch worm stamps, and inch worms that snap together to help you measure. Also you have this great inchworm activity guide, so you can look up great activities of how to use everything in this kit. But, wait? There are not just lessons about measuring in that book. Use it to teach patterns and addition and so much more! Come get this kit today before it “inches” off our shelf!


What’s That Wednesday: Patriotic Style

IMG_3351Did you know that the CRC has a Constitution that not only helps you learn about our government, but one that you can actually sign? With the Fourth of July coming up, it is a great time to learn about our government and how the U.S. came to be! Come check out our Constitution, as well as, some of our many books about the United States!

Come in and Read!


Spring is over, and summer is finally here! Time to bring out those swimsuits, suntan lotion, and hit the beach! The CRC has many summer reading books for children of all ages. Stop by today and check one out! Written by CRC Student, Ta’Shay

Summertime Reading


No need to pack a bag and travel this summer.

Just head to your library and check out some books.

Every book is an exciting adventure without ever leaving your home.

Fresh Veggies Day

Eat more veggies

Today is Fresh Veggies Day! To celebrate maybe stop a farmers’ market or the grocery store and pick up your favorite veggies and make a dish to share.

Veggies cooking

 At the CRC, we have tons of fun manipulatives you can use and lots of books about farming, vegetables, and cooking. Come check out what we have and celebrate Fresh Veggies Day with us! Written by CRC Student, Alexandria #veggies #health #crcstudents


Colorful Experiments

black marker square

 Looking to bring color into your summer? What if we said you could do with the color black? Is black even a color? Click on the link for a colorful #ScientificSaturday science experiment, or come to the CRC to discover many Teaching Aids  and books about color!

For example, Mouse Paint is a great book to teach about color, starting with the three primary colors. When these playful mice discover three jars of paint, they can’t help but mix colors, dancing in swirled puddles of paint. The CRC not only has this in book form, but we also have a big book theme packet with manipulatives.


June is Gay Pride Month

Looking for ways to incorporate materials that explore issues of family, identity, stereotyping, relationships, and discrimination into your curriculum? Check out some of these CRC resources:

red a crayons story Michael Hall’s Red:  A Crayon’s Story is a 2015 picture book that explores stereotyping and identity. It has gotten great reviews (as collected in Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database: – /singlebook/LeROLNJNJQhKfmKj; if accessing from off campus, use your regular BGSU online credentials to see the reviews).








And Tango Makes Three, another picture book (it is perennially on the banned book list) tells the story of two male penguins who raise a young penguin. Explore at the illustrations to see a variety of family units.






this day in june



This Day In June is a picture book that shows a gay pride parade and provides information about LGBT history and culture.




Of course, the CRC collection includes works for older readers as well. Search the catalog to see the variety of materials available.

Spacing out!

On this dayOn this day, in 1931, the 1st rocket-powered aircraft design was patented by Robert Goddard.  With his work, many space crafts and work in space would not have happened.  His work was so well respected in early astronautics that after his death there was a formal dedication to him for his work with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center on March 16, 1961, 35 years to the day after the professor launched the first liquid-fueled rocket from his Aunt Effie’s farm.  Come in to the CRC today and check out some of our books on space and NASA.  They are out of this world! #rocket-poweredaircraft #it’s_science #RobertGoddard #NASA #BGSU #FalconsFlyTogether #bgsucrc Written by CRC Student, Rachel #crcstudents

Study Now!

Are you getting ready for the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) exam this summer? Well if you are, the CRC wants you to know that we have study materials for you that check out for 3 days! Just ask for them at the CRC circulation desk! #bgsucrc #oae #study #prep #ShelfieSunday

OAE book

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