“Womanars” on the web

The monthly podcasts on AskPatty.com feature women who have achieved an exceptional level of success in an auto related occupation or industry. Dubbed “Womanars,” the podcasts  – 10 to 15 minutes in length – can be described as both educational and inspirational. Each of the featured guests provides information and insight into a particular automotive issue or experience. However, a secondary, and perhaps more important, function of the podcast is to demonstrate how women have become recognized in all aspects of the masculine dominated auto industry.

The featured speakers hail from a wide variety of auto related occupations and experiences. The past few months have included interviews with Jenny Chang, NHTSA chief of the New Car Assessment Program, “Michellin Woman” and Influencer Marketing Manager Kim Kegler, race car driver and spokesperson for Car Care Canada Kelly Williams, “Ladies Start Your Engines” – a car maintenance class for women – President Lori Johnson, ASE Master Automobile Repair Technician Susan Schalk, and Susan Givens, owner and publisher of Auto Success magazine. The “women only” speaker list  – as noted by the “Womanar” label – is intentional. It not only suggests that woman-to-woman advice is more trustworthy and less patronizing than that provided by traditional male “experts’, but also that automotive expertise is not the exclusive province of men.

The monthly podcasts are constructed in an interview format, between the auto “expert” and AskPatty.com CEO Jody Devere. Prior to the interview session, Devere introduces the guest by providing relevant background and a short biography. This information – coupled with a job description – is posted on the podcast site. Yet before each guest is allowed to speak on the subject at hand, she is asked to reveal how she became involved in her particular line of automobile related work. While Devere understands that the knowledge made available to website visitors is important, the primary intent of the podcast is to represent and recognize the female car aficionado as both normal and exceptional.

The information that AskPatty.com provides to female car owners and buyers comes in many forms. It is composed of concrete knowledge – facts to become a better and more informed consumer – as well as that of a more experiential nature. The understanding that women can know and love cars – and also make a living based on that passion and experience – is an education that eludes most female drivers. It is Jody Devere’s mission to provide it.

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