Creative Characters


1.) Elmo


2.) Brave Little Toaster


3.) Mike


4.) Luxo Jr.


5.) Aku

Elmo is simply designed. He is just a red furry monster. Yet he is one of the most recognizable faces of Sesame Street. His speech is also unique, referring to himself in the third person.

The Brave little toaster is unique because to me a toaster is not a character that would just pop into my head. The movie the brave little toaster is pretty dark for a children movie. He is always positive and never lets his friends down, he even sacrifices himself to save the “Master”.

Mike is a pretty ugly character yet he is still lovable and many people respond to him despite looks. It shows that it doesn’t matter what the character looks like if you can get people to connect with the

Luxo Jr. is unique in the same way the brave little toaster. If you design your character and story correctly it doesn’t matter what or who the “hero” is the audience will connect with it/him/her.

Aku the shape shifting master of darkness. Aku is a unique villain because he is part serious villain part comic relief. His being able to shape shift into anything allows him to do interesting things in Samurai Jack.

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