Grim: From Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, the simplicity of his form in the show I always had a small weakness for. While he is supposed to represent the emissary of death, the way he is sketched is so simplistic that he’s seen as somewhat humbled, not really too intimidating at all. The cartoony elements of it allow for a completely different interpretation beyond that of the accepted norm.

Scarecrow: He’s had many interpretations of himself drawn by multiple artists, but this one’s the costume of him that appeals to me the most.  The noose around the neck gives a somewhat deceased feel, despite still being alive, as does the face mask, hiding all forms of visible life, allowing for a much creepier image to be spawned. The somewhat dark feel of this version has my interests peaked.

Nightcrawler: Demonic in appearance, but carries the persona of a trickster with morals, an example of the shapeshifter archetype. His appearance reflects that of something demonic, sinister, and generally evil in nature, while his actual self is quite far from that. He even has less digits on his hands and feet, and his method of movement is quite agile.

Goro: He’s big, he has four arms, and he can use them all independently from eachother.  He’s like a mutant male Shiva!

Courage the Cowardly Dog: He, while appearing to be a normal cartoon dog, has a ton of strange things about him. For one, his motions and the like are overly spaztic, and from the somewhat unique art style (and storytelling), he’s able to stretch, skew, and warp his face into many different shapes to allow a retelling of stories without words, but rather a sequence of urgent barks. Even small cosmetic things like a hole he has in one of his teeth (only seen in a wide toothed grin) and the way he walks on his bottom paws that defy gravity to the point that he pin-walks across the ground gives him a very bizarre feel. He’s also purple, which is very unusual for dogs, even cartoon ones.

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