It’s a bit late, I know, but… well, I like the sound track.

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Should I mention the Once-ler?

I should mention the Once-ler.

I definitely should mention the Once–.

*runs back*

No. I said “Once-ler”. I did NOT say CandleJa–.

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So I watched the Lorax. The fancy 3D Totally-Not-A-Similar-Liberal-Message-As-The-Original one.

So here’s the original. Kinda just skimmed through it. … geeze, the old one spent a heck of a lot of time on the Once-ler’s empire. … really was an empire, too.

The newer movie’s a lot more sympathetic towards the Once-ler.

… so, anyone up for a Once-ler flash animation collab? ๐Ÿ˜€

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Character Models! WHOOO!

Look mah! No hands! … or… circular abilities.

Like those you see at a convenience store!

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And random extra frames!

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Hey guys! look at the bad After Effects animation! ^^ And it’s educational!

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Some rough work on props for my animanic.

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Had this on the side. Thought it would help with documenting my progress through the class.

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(Trigger Warning for, um, gore, nudity, homosexuality, and racism. I think. :X I don’t really trust myself, so take caution if you watch this video.)

I found it as one of the people I’m subscribed to on Youtube commented with “That walk.” And the main protagonists’ walk cycles are quite… yeah. But so is everything else.

Can I second the trigger warning for gore? ;n; I mean… >< It got a bit scary at the start for me.

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So, I just decided “Hey, why don’t I go to Newgrounds and pull out some old favorite animations of mine! Again!”

As interesting as that is, it isn’t all that stellar animation. (And virtually what happens in Skyward Sword) So, lemme show something from Harry Partridge!

o.o Huh. That needed a trigger warning. Maybe something from Kirbopher would be less interspersed-with-sexism?

OKAY! Last animation is going to be cute cephalopods! ๐Ÿ˜€ YAY CEPHALOPODS!

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Forgot to post this. ^^;

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Let’s begin with a coloured walking cycle, as my ball thing isn’t very… um… colourful.

Next, a quick hadoken animation using two of the ball things.

And lastly, an animation where an i jumps and hits its head.

Some of the animation is jank, but comments and critiques are welcome! ^^

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messed up the ending. Meeeeh.

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Old games are old. And absolutely not propagating patriarchy in any way (see: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 ending).

At least it’s not a badly animated intro/game.

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Just a comic when I tried to think how the characters in this world functioned.

… although I don’t know how they stereotype via gender. :X Any tips for making spheres more gendered?

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Mood Boards are open for critique! ^^

… not coloured, I know.

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Sketches for the “The World is a Scary Place” idea. Honestly think that concept’s best, as I can actually imagine the predicament shown inside the story.

Some notes:
!) The story is metaphorical a la One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Yes, it’s actually happening, so it’s not like “Holy crap, a The Cheat, it was just a dream!” Instead, the protagonist’s mindset sees things as they affect others, and not as they actually appear.
@) The above noted, the actual society the story takes place in would, um, reflect ours. Ya know, people running are seen as strange, and harassment. What do I mean by “running … seen as strange?” Well, small hops are the polite way of progressing from point A to point B. Rolling is akin to crawling on all fours; animalistic and to be avoided. Well… the protagonist is already disadvantaged by simply existing, so she would probably be more inclined to roll than others of her species.
#) How is the protagonist disadvantaged? Good question… I am currently portraying that through imperfections, but I want to hint disadvantages our own society holds throughout the film, so as to imply to the viewer that this fictional society is not so disjointed from our own.
$) Yes, I am imagining that hands work through wi-fi. Magnetism… eh, doesn’t quite grasp elasticity. Now, if the hands were programmed to snap back when too far away, that could work. Most likely a problem would arise from multiple frequencies, and if there were multiple people when a hand tried to “snap back,” it could snap to the wrong person. ^^ What if society reflected that error?
%) Perhaps making a short to reflect this society would help with this animation’s research. I should get on that sometime.

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Premise: Someone faces an everyday situation that, to her, is challenging.

Introduction: Ball Thing wants to get a glass of milk.
Problem: She’s out of milk, and the store’s outside her house.
Complication: Also, the people outside are all various body parts with laser eyes.
Crisis: She runs out to get the milk while avoiding the laser eyes.
Climax: She returns home with the milk. (Climax could also have happened upon the decision to leave the house)
Resolution: She knows that at some point, she’ll have to go get milk again.

– – – – – – – – – –

The apartment is lit by sunlight, filtered stripes painting the opposite wall with a yellowish hue. Some pictures are huddled together on the wall, but mostly the room is empty save for some sparse furniture consisting of a bed, a table, a chair and a refrigerator. In rolls the protagonist, a fuzzy spherical creature that is lopsided. Pausing at the refrigerator to open it, she grabs one of the few things inside it and rolls over to the table. Hopping up into the chair, she points the carton of milk she had taken from the refrigerator, pops the top off, and begins to pour into the table’s lone glass.

But only a drop comes out. She looks at the bottle, shaking it to see if any more comes out. Then a flash of red light comes from the window, the skylight turning a dark purple. A cut to the window shows that havoc seems to be running amok, with the world twisted and giant eyes floating about menacingly; however, the store is visible and bright, despite being distant. The fuzzy protagonist sphere is still stunned from shock, knowing what awaits her outside of her room, but she knows milk is also out there. With a determined face, the camera cuts to her bolting out the door frantically, speeding down the haywire streets as laser zap in directions.

Dodging frantically, she hops as fast as she can as the camera zooms in on her face. Suddenly, she realizes that she was just running atop a circular sidewalk that also has a giant eye, so she throws herself off of it onto another actual sidewalk; however, the sidewalk is sloped, so she starts rolling out of control. She’s flung right into the grocery store, where she leaps to the refrigerated section and reaches desperately for a carton in the back. Snagging it finally, she turns around, rolling now as she speeds back home, holding the milk above her as her prized possession.

Slamming the door behind her, the room is painted red again by a flash of red light bleeding through the windows. Panting, she rolls slowly to the table, pushing herself up onto the chair. She looks at the flashing lights coming from the window one last time before turning back to her cup and pouring the milk.

The. End. ๐Ÿ˜€

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It’s a more Flash-y style of animation, but I love the “There She Is!” Series.

>///< Watch them all if you want!

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