Bitey of Brackenwood –


A still image of this character can barely do him justice! His design is simple, but extremely effective. I associate satyrs with myth and revelry, and there’s no question that this rather ominous-looking rendition of a satyr revels in something– usually beating up on fellow, equally imaginative woodland beasties and playing pranks on them. What I love about Bitey, however, is his movement. It’s fluid, fast-paced, and frankly exciting to watch.

The Corinthian –


Where do I even begin? He is fashioned to be a nightmare, and damned if he isn’t a nightmarish delight for the eyes! (yes, a pun) He was created to be “A black mirror, made to reflect everything about itself that humanity will not confront”– can’t think of a better way to portray that than with a guy with jagged mouths for eyes (that EAT eyes), can you? Disturbing. Fantastic.

From Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series

ALL of the Lackadaisy cats! –


Style; it’s all about STYLE. These characters are bursting with life, expression, emotion, and…well, character! Although this particular image doesn’t showcase the artist’s expert handling of facial expressions and execution of motion (you’ll find that in the comic itself!), the fact that these are unique personalities shines through these static “photographs”. I love these cats.

Murkoph –


A delightfully wicked character who can take a heck of a beating. Indisputably sinister (and incidentally evil), his design and bearing still manage to convey a certain rugged charm. The scars (consistently drawn) give him the weight of history– he’s definitely been through a lot. He’s clearly tough and resilient. …Besides, I’m a sucker for shirtless men with shaggy hair wearing long coats.

Szayel Aporro Granz


Okay, where else do you get something this bizarre and unique, other than anime? …maybe an acid trip, but seriously, this is one character that displays a fine line between “organically beautiful” and “highly disturbing”. Tentacles, strange, dripping, wing-like appendages…I find it strangely fascinating and simultaneously it makes my skin crawl. Incidentally, the character is a narcissistic, sadistic mad genius– does it show? (yes)

from Kubo Tite’s Bleach

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