10 Images of Concept Cars Influenced by an Animal or Insect

(in order below)

1.  Mercedes Benz Bionic influenced by boxfish

2.  Nissan NuVu influenced by nature/tropical fish for window graphics/shape looks like a fish

3.  Corvette inspired by cheetah (designer Ivan Luccion)

4.  Amphicoach looks like a caterpillar

5.  Insect inspired by grasshopper (designer Shao Yung Yeh)

6.  Lamborghini Insecta inspired by exoskeletons in insects

7.  2030 French concept car looks similar to a rodent, maybe a gunea pig

8.  BMW car concept based on cat (designer Benny Herudek)

9.  Solar car looks like a dolphin

10.  Solar car has a porpoise kind of face











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