America’s Sleep Deprived Teens

To begin, the audience of this article is clearly adolescents, but also includes parents, who remain somewhat responsible for the teens living and sleeping in there household. In comparison to the previous sleep essay, I found that this one provided many statistics and solid numbers to provide their convincing data. This made the article and its facts much more believable as well as allowed myself as the reader to think about where I might stand in the statistics, for I do not believe I get enough sleep. The article did well in giving many different reasons on teens lack of sleep and also repeated time and time again that they do not get enough. The article also provided a very good summary in providing a solution to the problem of lack of sleep and I found this very efficient in making the article compatible with the readers.

Overall, I found the article well written and presented with a substantial amount of evidence to convince the reader of the point. Much more so than “A Third of Life”.

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