A Third Of Life – Paul Martin

I found the essay on sleep quite interesting considering I am an avid and regular sleeper myself. This should obviously be applicable to every human out there, the species being the audience, as everyone partakes in the activity. It interested me that sleep had been compared to eating or socializing as it is a behavior that is non-interactive. Along side that, the fact that it consumes about one-third of our lifetime is ironic as it consumes so much of our time, yet we still do not manage to get enough of it. It made me wonder how much time of our life would it consume if we actually did get the correct amount of sleep for our entire life? Also, the quote by James Gleick about the mere presence of an alarm clock implying sleep deprevation was something that I could relate to. I always manage to wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off only to find I could have ten more minutes of sleep!!
Overall, I found the article quite interesting and applicable to my life, at least on the human related sections. Oh, and I enjoy the fact that there is a fish called, “slippery dick”. (I’m sure they could have used another fish, but they chose not to.)

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